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The Eco-council has now been running for 10 years. It allows the children at the school to have a say in issues concerned with sustainability and their environment.

Years 1 to 6 are each represented by two class members who are elected at the beginning of the school year.

We meet at least once every half term to discuss how the school can become involved in local, national and global issues. 

Some of our most successful events have been:

• ‘Swap Its’ 

• Village litter picks

• Healthy food evenings

Our Eco-Code is displayed in every classroom and in the foyer – where you can also see photos of our Eco-Councillors; minutes of the last meeting and photos of some of our events.

This year we plan to monitor our recycling and energy usage as well as set up a uniform shop.



Minutes from Eco-Council Meeting January 2020