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Photography Guidance

Photography guidance

Guidance concerning showing children’s photographs on the website

You will see that there are photographs of the children and their work throughout the website. We feel that a picture is worth a thousand words when showing people what our children do whilst they are at school. The website is an important forum to share our children’s activities, to show them working and playing at school and to showcase the best of their work and celebrate the ethos of the school.

Pictures of children

When your child joins the school, as part of the enrolment process, we ask for your permission to take photographs and to use them on the school website and in other forums such as Twitter. Only if this permission is given will your child's photo appear on our school website. If at any time you wish to amend the permission please go and see our school office. 

Pictures of children’s work

The work will normally be anonymous. If names are given then this will usually be in the form of the child's class, forename, and a surname initial if there is more than one child with that forename in the class.