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School council

The school council has been running since 1997 and our achievements have grown each year. We meet regularly every half term to decide what we can do to improve the school. We don’t just decide ourselves what to do we take on board suggestions from all our class mates and bring them to the meetings to discuss.

To decide on the class representatives each class holds an election every year and two children are picked to represent their class from Class 1 – Class 6. Our aim is to continue to improve the school and make it a more creative and enjoyable learning environment.

Recent projects have included getting new play equipment for the school, raising money for the school through events such as Toast Tuesday and making small changes for the whole school for example having the option to have tomato ketchup with your school dinner and having an early lunch with a friend when you earn your Head teachers certificate.

We are also working on news ways that we can raise money for the school.

Quotes from School Council members

“I want to help make the school even better than what it is already.”

“Being part of the school council means that we can make good changes in school like having new equipment and talking about changes to school dinners.”

‘I am so excited to be a school councillor.’

Minutes from School Council Meeting