The Curriculum at Grundisburgh Primary School

 Our aim is to make sure that the curriculum is broad, rich and exciting. We believe that if we can achieve and sustain this for all pupils then they will also make rapid progress with their reading, writing, speaking and listening and their maths.

A broad, rich curriculum ensures that all pupils have an opportunity to shine and to discover their hidden talents and gifts. We also believe that if the children are motivated and find the curriculum interesting then they will engage more with their learning.

We endeavour to establish this kind of broad, rich curriculum through a variety of means; these include:

• Using whole books as a basis for our English planning – these books will be relevant and interesting to the children and offer a stimulating context for their reading, writing and speaking and listening

• Drawing relevant and meaningful links between the whole book and the rest of the curriculum e.g. ‘Skellig’ by David Almond ( a story where a young boy finds a man/creature in an old garage who happens to have wings) may offer opportunities for the children to study ‘flight’ as a scientific enquiry or to look in to the Greek myth of Icarus and Daedalus

• Relating school trips to a particular topic under study e.g. a trip to Dunwich when the children are finding out about erosion and/or reading a book based in Dunwich

• Regular Whole School Creative Projects – these can be week-long or even a half term – where cross-curricular links are made around a shared theme; examples include - Chinese New Year, Art Week, Story Project, Science Week, East Feast

• Regular opportunities for pupils to perform – these can include musical concerts like Snape Music in Schools, BT Concert, Ipswich Orchestral Society Concerts 

• Opportunities for all pupils to play a musical instrument, to be a member of the school choir and to join the school orchestra

• Regular opportunities to work alongside visiting artists during whole school art projects and also writers and storytellers

• Regular visits to the theatre, museums and galleries

• Offering a wide range of extra-curricular clubs that cater to all tastes and needs from Wildlife Club to Story Club

• When possible, designing elements of the curriculum around pupil interests e.g. a Year 1 class having a half termly project (incorporating English, Maths, Science and Art) about Space because lots of children were very interested in this area of learning

High expectations run through this curriculum so that the children develop effective work habits, take pride in their work and want to do well. Our aim is to offer this breadth and richness throughout a child’s time at Grundisburgh Primary School whilst ensuring that all of the children make at least good progress in their reading, writing, speaking and listening and their maths besides the rest of the curriculum. We feel that the breadth of the curriculum allows all pupils to succeed and ensures that the children experience a balanced curriculum where they learn a range of life skills – these include:

• Being able to think for themselves

• Problem-solving skills

• Sharing and team work skills

• Taking responsibility for themselves including their general behaviour and the quality of their work

• Learning how to look after others, including younger children and those of their peers that need support

We believe that the richness and breadth of the curriculum also promotes higher standards within the core curriculum. In other words, a child will make more progressing say their reading and writing by experiencing the broad curriculum described above – this curriculum will motivate, support pupil happiness and well-being and allow for transference of knowledge and skills across the curriculum. 

Our Talent Show

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Flight Day

Life drawing with two visiting artists

Year 6 – A Midsummer Night’s Dream

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Concert Time

Artist in residence Charlotte Stewart

 Hundertwasser Project  Tag Rugby Club  French Café – A Saturday morning pastry and coffee served by Year 5 waiters!
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