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Statement of intent

At Grundisburgh Primary School we will ensure that your children are happy, stimulated and challenged so that they can make progress across the curriculum and achieve the highest standards possible. Your children will be taught by teachers with high expectations who will plan a curriculum that is interesting, relevant, extends your children’s understanding of the subject and ensures high quality work and outcomes. 

As your children progress through the school they will develop high expectations of themselves in terms of their learning and behaviour; they will be encouraged to be independent learners who can also work cooperatively with others. They will develop support skills and nurturing skills towards their peers and younger pupils and also organisational skills to support their learning.

As part of this Statement of Intent we have outlined below examples of how the school will enrich the curriculum in order to give all pupils the opportunity to excel and to ensure that they are stimulated by their learning and motivated to learn more.


During the seven years at Grundisburgh Primary School each child can expect to experience the following:


  • Regular opportunities to share his/her achievements in assemblies and other whole school events
  • Regular opportunities to contribute towards his/her learning and be involved in decision-making that effects the whole school either through School Council, Eco-Council or Fair Trade Council, and through regular pupil perception surveys etc.
  • Opportunities to represent the school through sporting events and musical/dramatic performances
  • A wide range of clubs and extra-curricular activities both after school and
    during lunchtimes
  • The opportunity to play a musical instrument
  • The opportunity to join a choir – KS1&2
  • The opportunity to join an orchestra – KS2
  • Regular opportunities to work with the local community e.g. St Mary’s Church
  • The opportunity to be a peer mentor, where older pupils might support younger pupils in their reading or writing
  • The opportunity to undertake cycling proficiency
  • Opportunities to perform in plays and other dramatic and musical performances and the support for those who find that challenging
  • On-going opportunities to learn through practical, hands-on, investigative activities - growing fruit and vegetables, cooking, looking after the school chickens etc.

Visits and Visitors

During the seven years at Grundisburgh Primary School each child can expect to experience the following visits and visitors to the school:

  • The opportunity to work alongside a professional writer or storyteller each year – KS 1 & 2
  • The opportunity to work with a professional artist in residence on more than one occasion during their primary schooling – KS 1 & 2
  • A residential visit – Year 6
  • Visits that are sometimes linked to topics – at least one visit per term – KS 1 & 2
  • The opportunity to play in local sports tournaments across the year – Years 5&6
  • Regular opportunities to perform in a theatre or concert hall – KS2
  • Regular opportunities to work alongside parents on a day-to-day basis and during practical whole school projects
  • The opportunity to hear from past pupils who have excelled and can share their achievements