Gold Linguamarque - Summer 2020

We are delighted to have been awarded Gold Linguamarque following a virtual inspection. This is an amazing achievement by all the staff and children in the school and recognises the extent to which we value the teaching of languages and cultural understanding in our school. Thank you to Mr Davey, our Modern Foreign Languages Subject Leader for all her hard work over the years. Our Linguamarque was awarded by Dr Marina Dixon who raises the school and its dedication towards languages. This is a real accolade for our school and we are delighted to receive our Gold Award.

Silver 'Food for Life' Award - Summer 2019

We have been busy looking at catering and the way in which we use food in our school. We now grow food and vegetables in the school garden which we supply to Amanda, our cook, when they are ready to be served for our lunches. We also have a much better dining experience, having changed catering providers to Caterlink. Children cook regularly and seasonally in class, supplying food for events such as the Autumn Fair or to take home for their dinner whilst learning essential skills for preparing food.

Gold School Games Award - Summer 2019

We have been awarded the Gold School Games award to for our dedication to PE and fitness. The children at Grundisburgh have so many extra-curricular sporting opportunities and we are proud that we offer so much to them. In 2017 we started a PE Crew so that the children can direct the way they wish sports at Grundisburgh to go, whilst taking responsibility for some PE organisation within the school.

Sing-Up - January 2016

The school has received the fantastic news that we have been awarded the ‘Sing-Up’ Silver Award. In order to achieve this, a school must prove that singing is a vital part of the curriculum and that all of the children are engaged in singing throughout the week. We believe that singing, and music generally, is very important to a child’s education and that the school should see this award as a starting point for even more singing and music across the school.

Over the past year we have been working towards our Silver Sing Up Award. We are pleased to say that we have now achieved this! We sing regularly in lessons, sing in choirs and use singing as part of the curriculum. Best of all, we have fun singing!

Box 2 B Fit - January 2016

We spent some of our Sports Premium money last year on a ‘Box 2 B Fit’ bag. I am pleased to say that Class 4 have begun using it again this year to improve their Personal Fitness. They are loving using it!

Music Week - February 2015

This was a whole school project where each class focused on a particular type of music from a particular part of the world. All of the children were involved in lots of music making and learning about music from a different culture. Links were made to Art, Writing, Geography, Dance and other areas of the curriculum. 

We started off the week with some of our talented parents coming in to school to play their own musical instruments to the children.

Class R – Chinese Music

Class 1 – Indian Music

Class 2 – African Music

Class 3 – Caribbean Music

Class 4 – Irish Folk Music

Class 5 – South American Music

Class 6 – Jazz/Blues Music

We had lots of outside experts in school during the course of the week: 

Charlotte Stewart and Zara Chancellor were our artists for the week and they worked with classes R, 1, & 5 responding to the art and music of these parts of the world.

Fred Sedgwick was our writer for the week and he worked with classes 2, 3, 4 & 6 – Fred got the children writing lyrics to songs.

We had African drumming workshops for classes 2 & 3.

We had a Caribbean steel drum performance for the whole school and a workshop for class 3.

We also had parents coming in to school to support the teachers and children and some parents brought their own instruments into school so that they could talk to the children about them.