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Archive - Autumn 2015

KS1 Nativity

Classes R, 1 and 2 have performed three brilliant performances of their Nativity ‘Starlight.’ The children have all worked exceptionally hard to put on a fabulous performance and have been learning their lines and practising the songs for weeks!

A fantastic performance by all. We are so proud of you all.

The Tale of Mr Tod

Class R and 1 went on a school trip on Monday 14th December to the theatre. We went to The Avenue Theatre in Ipswich to watch the Red Rose Chain perform ‘The Tale of Mr Tod.’ ‘The Tale of Mr Tod’ is a Beatrix Potter story with the not so nice characters of Tommy Brock (a badger) and Mr Tod (a fox).

The children all thoroughly enjoyed the performance and were so well behaved throughout. It was a pleasure to take them on this outing.

Christmas Jumper Day

The whole school joined in on a Christmas Jumper Day and Decoration Morning on Friday 4th December 2015. We came in dressed in Christmas Jumpers and brought in £1 to raise money for ‘Save the Children’. Parents came in to share in the experience with their children and each class made some fabulous Christmas decorations which have been proudly on display. Everybody enjoyed it and it definitely put us in the Christmas spirit!

GOALS Football Tournament

On Friday 13th November, seven of our Year 6 boys took part in the Farlingaye Pyramid Football Tournament at Goals Football Centre in Ipswich.

We were drawn in Pool A. We won our first and second matches (11:1 against Hollesley, 6:2 against Orford) and drew our third and fourth (3:3 against both Woodbridge Primary and Kyson B team).

Eleven teams had entered the tournament, so there were five final matches. We played Rendlesham for 3rd place and unfortunately lost 6:1, meaning that Grundisburgh came 4th overall.

The boys played superbly as a team, supporting and encouraging each other when necessary, and each of them played some brilliant football. Well done!

Netball and Football

On Monday 9th November our older children played in Football and Netball matches at 
Woodbridge Primary School. We were absolutely delighted to win 9-6 against Woodbridge at netball. We have never won against Woodbridge before so we were absolutely delighted! The team played exceptionally well and acted very professionally.

The Footballers played in an A and B match. The A team won 2-0. The B team sadly lost 1-0 although this was their first match and there had been some very near misses. One of our shots on goal would have been in if Woodbridge had not been using much smaller goals than ours at Grundisburgh! We look forward to the next match.

Thank you to all of the parents who came to support. It really does make a big difference!

Art Week

This term’s whole school project was our Art Week which focused on the theme of Autumn, Trees and Aspiration and Ambition. The children spent the week outside studying the amazing number of trees we have in the school – sketching, painting – and then returning to classrooms to create more wonderful works of art and to write stories and poems. The children also made beautiful 3D models of trees and other constructions using a huge variety of materials – wire, willow and even real leaves and branches. Artists Charlotte Stewart and Zara Chancellor worked with some of our classes too. 

This project combined with our on-going Parents in School project where our parents are coming in to speak to the children about their jobs and careers.

Autumn Fair

Once again our Autumn Fair was a great success aided by some beautiful Autumn sunshine – the Autumn colours around the school were also a perfect backdrop! All of the classes thought up, organised and ran their own stalls – there were some very original ideas this time, for example the ‘Find the Marble in the Pumpkin’ stall was very popular besides some old favourites like the ‘Throw the Conker in the Wellie’ stall. The children’s pumpkins were also on display and parents were on hand to run the teas and coffees, and some mums made wonderful cakes and sold these at the fair too. A lovely event all round!

TAG Rugby Tournament

Our Tag Rugby team played at Woodbridge Rugby Club. We played five games against other pyramid schools. We won four and lost one and we came second overall! Congratulations to our fantastic rugby players who played with great spirit, skill and team work.



Harvest Festival

Years 3, 4, 5 & 6 all performed their own harvest festival celebration at the chapel earlier this term – the pastor, Colin Grimwood had once again decorated the chapel beautifully and we sang songs, read poems and showed our art work celebrating harvest.

Bring and Buy Sale

This was run by our Eco-Council who arranged for children and parents to bring in their fresh fruit and vegetable produce. £36 was raised and the money will be used to buy new seeds for our school garden.

Key Stage 1 Choir

KS1 choir has begun on Friday afternoons and the children are really enjoying learning their first songs. We have been learning the Alien Shuffle, a funky tune with a rock beat and have just begun to learn A Keelie Makolay which is an African song. We hope to perform these to parents soon.

Parents in School

This term we are encouraging parents to come in to school to talk to the children about their jobs. The children have been thinking a lot about what they want to do when they grow up, and listening to parents talk about their jobs will hopefully give them ideas and allow the children to see just how many different types of jobs there are. Our first parent in school was Mr Turner who is a musician!

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