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Archive - Autumn 2016

Class 5 - Colchester Zoo

Class 5 took part in a Rain Forest Animal Workshop – and impressed Colchester Zoo’s Educational Staff with their knowledge! 
They handled artifacts, learnt about how animals adapt to their environment and how they may be killed for their skins. We were then given a tour of Amazon rain forest animals housed at the zoo by another member of their Education Staff. Before boarding the bus, we had fun in the play area.

 Year 1 Taste Testing

Year 1 have been learning all about their Senses. We took part in a Taste Test in October where we tried new foods, some we really liked and some we did not! We tried watermelon, cheese, celery, lemon and olives! Some of the children even took part in a blind taste test!

Autumn Fair 2016

The Autumn Fair took place on Thursday 13th October. There was a little chill in the air and Pumpkin Soup was much appreciated! Lots of the children arranged stalls themselves including conker throw, dip your hand in a gooey pumpkin to find a marble and pumpkin roll. Thank you to all of the children who ran stalls and everybody who attended. The children’s stalls raised £170 and the cake stall raised £204!

BT Robotics and CoSpace Days  - Year 5

Pumpkin Soup - Class 1.

During the w/b 10th October in the run up to the Autumn Fair, Class 1 were reading the book ‘Pumpkin Soup’ by Helen Cooper. All of our work during this week was based around this story. We made Pumpkin Soup for the Autumn Fair. We made posters to sell our soup. We tried it as lots of children had never tasted it before and there were lots of converts! Well done Class 1 for making such delicious soup.

Wheelchair Basketball, Wednesday 14th September.

Year 5 and 6 (including the teachers) had great fun on Wednesday 14th September when they participated in Wheelchair Basketball. The fabulous JA Roadshows came in and helped the children learn to dribble the ball whilst manoeuvring their wheelchair! It was just as hard as it looks! A great day was had continuing our celebration of the Paralympics.

Paralympic Experience Day, Thursday 8th September.

On Thursday 8th September we held a Paralympic Experience Day. Jeffrey Hoey came in and worked with Classes 1 – 6. Each class experienced a Paralympic Sport such as Boccia, Goal Ball, Blind Football or Sitting Volleyball.

The children had great fun learning a new sport whilst also allowing them time to think about how amazing the Paralympic Athletes are to overcome their disability.

We will be watching out for the athletes in Rio. Go Team GB!