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Archive - Spring 2016

‘The Magic’s In Me’ 
Combined Schools Dance Project

Our Year 5 children worked alongside dance tutor, Sam Moss, over a seven week period. Sam also worked with three other schools and then brought all four schools together at the Dance House in Ipswich where the children rehearsed throughout the afternoon, bringing their four dances together, and then performed to parents in the evening. The dance was based on the story of ‘The Secret Garden’ by Frances Hodgson-Burnett. Our children also produced art work that formed a backdrop to their dance.

Easter Church Visits

All of the classes went on a visit to the church this Easter to hear the Easter Story. There were 5 stations with different activities including ‘Hopes and Dreams.’ Thank you to Claire and all of the volunteers for having us.

Poetry Week

In the penultimate week of the Spring Term we had a Poetry Week. All of the children in the school learnt poems to perform either as a class, in groups or individually. They all had the opportunity to write poems too. Fred Sedgewick, a poet came in to work with some of the classes. We also had a man called Tuup in to share poems with us. He got us to join in and enjoy his poetry. We had a dress up day where children could come in dressed as a character from a poem. On this day we had a whole school performance assembly. 

There were some fantastic class poems and stand out individual performances too. We have definitely got some budding poets and performers in the school!

Bombs and Blackberries

Drama Club performed a fantastic play to the school and then to their parents. It was called ‘Bombs and Blackberries’ and was set in World War 2. The children did a superb job at learning their lines. The set and costumes were amazing! 

Thank you to Mrs Seabrook, Mrs Clayton and Mrs Doyle for helping the children put on such a lovely performance. The biggest well-done of all goes to the children for all their hard work!

Alfie Strange

Classes 3 and 4 were treated this week to a performance of ‘Alfie Strange’ by actors from the Wolssey theatre. The play was about Alfie Strange and his two friends, Fred and Fred, who had to do a homework project about a non fiction book. Alfie decided to use a book on history given to him by his granddad but when he opened the cover there was a message saying that if he read the book magical things would happen. Indeed they did. Every chapter unleashed a character from a different time period through history. 

As well as the historical themes, the story concluded with Fred and Fred being desperate to borrow Alfie’s history book – sending the message to the children that non-fiction books can be really entertaining. The children learnt lots of history and had a chance to talk
to the actors afterwards to delve deeper into the historical aspects of the story. It was a wonderful performance and we were all thoroughly entertained.

Class 4 Sizewell Trip

On 4th March, class 4 visited Sizewell Power station near Leiston. We learnt about different ways that power can be generated; made electric circuits and found out about how the power stationed works.

There were all sorts of models and machines that we could have a go on – on one of them we each had to turn a handle as fast as we could to see how much electricity we could generate and another one had a Geiger counter so we could see how radioactive different materials were. We also did a science experiment about friction where we had to transfer jelly cubes from one dish to another with chop sticks. We really enjoyed our trip.

Fairtrade Breakfast

On Thursday 3rd March Fair-trade Reps and School Council Reps held a Fair-trade Breakfast. It was in aid of Fair-trade fortnight and this year’s theme; ‘Stand up for farmers, sit down for breakfast!’

All of our volunteers were fantastic and everybody had a good breakfast. There was lots on offer and many many Fair-trade products such as Banana pancakes, toast, orange juice and hot chocolate.

The reps had also made Banana and Chocolate Muffins for the Fair-trade Breakfast which were delicious.

We made a fantastic £79.54 which we will be using to purchase more Fair-trade products and the School Council reps will decide how they would like to spend their money.

Thank you to everyone that came along.

Tractors in School

On Tuesday 23rd February Mr and Mrs Pipe brought their tractor into school as part of the ‘Tractors in Schools’ scheme. Class 4 found out about the different types of crops grown on the farm and were able to grind enough wheat into flour to make a loaf of wholemeal bread. We had a good look at the tractor and found out loads of interesting facts. Children all had a sit in the cab and were amazed at all the gadgets inside. Thank you to Mr and Mrs Pipe.

Multisports Festival 

Class 1 went to a Multisports Festival on Friday 5th February which was held at Woodbridge School in the Dome. It was a fantastic opportunity for the children to have fun, practise new skills and socialise with children of the same age from different schools.

There were lots of different activities such as using space hoppers, balancing bean bags on heads and aiming at targets. There was something for everyone and all of the children had smiles on their faces all afternoon!

Well done Class 1!

Basketball Tournament

On 19th January 2016 our basketball team played in a tournament. There were 10 schools and we came 4th which was amazing because some of us have never played before! In our team there was Sophie, Theo, Patrick, Lizzy, Kitty, Jayden, Izzy, Bobby, Kieron and Bayley.

Our first game was against St Mary’s and they won 4-2 but we still played very well and kept our heads up for the next game. The next game was against Kyson B and we WON! 10-8! We were so pleased with ourselves and kept that attitude for the rest of the tournament.

In the next game we played Sandlings and we drew 4-4. We were still enjoying ourselves! After that we played Hollesley. We thrashed them and won 6-2! 

Then we got into the third/fourth place final. We were playing for third place but were beaten by Bawdsey.

Their height was incredibly tall! And they could jump and touch the net! They were a great team and won 10-2. Our team was a bit disappointed but still happy to take fourth place in the tournament.

Archery - Friday 15th January 2016

The whole school had a go at Archery. Miss Oakley had given the Year 6s three choices and they thought the whole school would like Archery. A great choice Year 6 because they did! Everybody loved having trying to hit the target. I think there may be some budding archers amongst you! You are very lucky children because I know the teachers were itching to have a go!