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Archive - Summer 2016

Outdoor Project
The whole school spent an entire week learning outside the classroom – the children built dens, cooked soup over an open fire, made giant spiders’ webs and lots of bugs and insects, harvested food grown in our garden and generally worked out on the school field, in the woods and the wildlife area.

Quad Kids – June 2016

10 children from Year 6 (5 boys and 5 girls) took part in an Athletics Tournament which was held at Northgate High School. It consisted of 64 other schools so 640 children. The atmosphere was amazing! The children all got to dress up as a country and ours was Senegal.
There were four events; 75m sprint, 600m run, vortex howler throw and standing long jump. An amazing effort was put in by all of our children and we came an impressive 29th out of the 64 schools. Well done!

Individual scores for the children were given with Alistair receiving a Gold award for his athletics and Milly a Bronze!

Framlingham Castle Trip – 12th April 2016

Year 1 have been learning all about Castles. We had a very exciting first day back to school this term because we went on a class trip to Framlingham Castle. We travelled by coach to the castle. It was raining quite a lot when we arrived so we did activities inside the castle first. We looked at the different clothing, we looked at the artefacts inside the Lanman Museum and we also tried to make a red brick chimney like the ones we could see on the castle.

The rain eased off and we were finally able to go on the most exciting bit of Framlingham Castle; the Wall Walk! We had to go up a steep spiral staircase to get up to the castle wall and we had to hold on tight on our way up. Whilst on the wall walk we looked at the different defences; the turrets and the arrow slits. We discussed how people would have gone to the toilet and looked across to the beautiful mere!

Then it was time for lunch! One of the most important parts of the day for Class 1… In the afternoon we went on a walk around the castle in the ditch. We learnt that Framlingham Castle did not have a moat but a ditch instead. We got a little bit muddy on this walk but it was all part of the fun!